Wound Dressing Service at home


Wound Dressing Service at home by professional nurses is suitable for service recipient who need to:

  • Go to the hospital or clinic for wound care every day. 
  • The wound must be clean and sterile (Sterile Technique). 
  • Patients who need wound dressing after surgery, including sutures, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, and others.
  • Bed ridden patients who have weak conditions and move difficultly, such as the elderly.
  • Our services save travel costs for both patients and caregivers. The service also helps to minimize the time required to wait in a long queue for wound care at the hospital.
  • We will summarize the assessment report and the change of wound for the patient and
    relatives every time that service has been performed.

   ** Service rates for wound dressing at home by a registered nurse (RN) start at 1,000 baht (This rate includes wound dressing equipment, travel expenses, and service fees).